On Hiatus.

Hi all.

There’s been radio silence around these parts for a while now – I’m sorry. I’ve had a lot of other things on my plate the past several months, and I’m terrible at juggling. I wanted to check in with you all and let you know that I’m putting the blog on a hiatus for…I don’t know how long. I didn’t want to leave you hanging – I know you all have been at the edge of your seats, not sleeping and listening to sad songs on the radio, wondering where I went.

Wishing you all totally tubular manicures and nail polish bottles that never empty! Thank you all for the awesome support and positivity you’ve contributed to the nail polish community. You’ve brought a lot of smiles to my face.


Lip Tints by Black Widow Balm

Such a fan of these tinted, scented balms by Black Widow Balm.

From left to right: Kiss of Death, Ursula, Iron Maiden, Voodoo

I stumbled across Black Widow Balm while looking at chapstick on etsy one day (I am so productive with my free time).

I’m a sucker for packaging, so I was intrigued as soon as I saw these kitschy little balms with their bold labeling and unique shades and scents. I mean, how can you pass up a purple tinted lip balm that smells like oatmeal raisin cookies? Or a grey one that smells like campfire? I couldn’t.

Black Widow Balm arrives adorably packaged in handstamped paper, and each balm is individually sealed. I even got a bonus birthday balm thrown in my order! Happy day.

And the quality of the balms themselves? So. Fantastic. Each one gives a subtle, sheer tint to your lips. Here’s how each one looks when applied:

Ursula – a purple tint that would probably appear cool on some people, but looks more bright and cheery on my skin tone. Hint of cinnamon and sweet in the scent and subtle flavor.

Iron Maiden – my surprise favorite of the bunch, and also the most opaque. The grey tint gives off a smoky look, and makes me feel all dark and mysterious. Subtle flavor of cedar, smells like spicy woods and clove.

Kiss of Death (K.O.D.) – punchy red-orange with cinnamon and clove.

Voodoo – reminds me a bit of Clinique’s Black Cherry, only more sheer. Looks very natural, with a light pine flavor and a smell like woods in fall.

Each balm was equally moisturizing, with a light feel. I hate when balms feel too waxy or heavy; these balms went on velvety smooth, with the perfect amount of tint and just a little bit of shine. The color didn’t last long, but these balms don’t make a bold statement – they’re great if you’re looking for something a little more natural (think: Voodoo), or a little unique without being in-your-face (Iron Maiden, for example). One  swipe across the lips and you’ve got a bit of moisture, a simple, sheer shade of color.

Black Widow Balm can be bought at her etsy shop. Communication with BWB was excellent, and my items arrived promptly. I definitely recommend checking her out if you’re a fan of lip balms or tints!

Black Widow Balm shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackWidowBalm

BWB Website: http://blackwidowbalm.com/

La Fee Verte by Ellagee

Funny story about this polish. I saw the word ‘thermal’ in the description and basically noticed nothing else beyond that. So I had no idea that it glowed in the dark, and completely freaked myself out at 1 in the morning when I woke up after a crazy dream to see something glowing in my bed.

I mean, you’d be spooked too if you weren’t expecting it!

My first reaction was – honestly – to freeze and say ‘Holy crabcakes!’ to myself. So apparently when faced with unexpected glowing things, my reaction is to call upon crabcakes for help. I don’t even like crabcakes.

A while after that, my husband woke me up by exclaiming, “You’re radioactive!” in response to my still-glowing nails. So if you’re looking for a peaceful night’s sleep, La Fee Verte may not be for you. It’s pretty phantasmagoric.

It’s also pretty awesome in the daytime, too.

This product was provided for an honest review.

Ellagee is officially on my ‘nod of approval’ list. I’ve tried three polishes, and they’ve all been big time winners. La Fee Verte – the green fairy – is no exception. In its warm state, it’s a cool silver. When cold, it’s a subdued green. Tiny holographic glitters are speckled sparsely throughout, and there’s a delicate shimmer to the polish overall, giving it an ethereal feel.

La Fee Verte in transition, low light

Ellagee recommends using a top coat for this polish, but heck if I ain’t a rebel and went without. And I actually really love it on its own. It dries with a slightly textured finish, and a muted – not quite matte or satin – shine. It also dries remarkably fast.

Two coats, direct sunlight

So, we’ve got another triple whammy from Ellagee here: thermal, textured, and glow in the dark. Whoaaa nellie. Watch out for this Ellagee gal, people. She’s clearly a lacquer genius – who knows what she can accomplish with such powerful polish skills?

Ellagee polish can be found at her site, http://www.ellagee.com/!

This product was provided for an honest review.

Ring Ding Ding Ding Dingeringeding by Ellagee

I have a new favorite polish! And it’s called Ring A Ling A Ding Dong. I mean, Ram A Lam A Dang Doo! I mean – dang it, let me go look it up on Ellagee’s page again.



No, really, Mr. Fox! That’s what it’s called! And I love it!

I like it, show me more!


It’s perfect. I approve.

Fox approved!

But honestly, people – this is the perfect fox polish of all time. We can all pack up now and go home. Time to close up shop. The Polish Fox is complete – the perfect fox polish has finally been done.

This product was provided for an honest review.

It only took one swipe of this polish to know how awesome it was. It goes opaque in one coat – I love when that happens. The holo is stunning, and it dries insanely fast. And the color? The perfect, autumnal, rusty, burnt-orange, foxiest fox shade of all time.

You remember the dashing cartoon Robin Hood of our childhood?

This is him in a bottle.

So, what does the fox say? Ring Ding Ding Ding Dingeringeding! AND IT LOOKS FABULOUS.

 You can find Ring Ding Ding Ding Dingeringeding at her site, here. 


This product was provided for an honest review.

Get Away From Her, You Bitch! by Ellagee

It’s green. It’s a jelly. It’s got flakies. It GLOWS IN THE FREAKING DARK.

Oh yeah, I’m a fan of this polish for sure.

Four coats GAFHYB under cloudy skies.

Get Away From Her, You Bitch! is an awesome polish made by Ellagee, that was inspired by the Aliens movie poster. I’ve gotta be honest with you – I’ve still never seen Aliens. I will someday, it just hasn’t happened yet! Doesn’t matter though, still an insane fan of this polish.

This product was provided for an honest review.

Because GAFHYB is a jelly, it goes on sheer. I did four coats for  opacity in photos, but you could easily do three, or do a base color.

I got lots of compliments on this polish. It’s definitely unique – you don’t see a lot of green jellies to begin with, and then on top of that this shade is perfect. It’s like sea glass. The flakies give this polish incredible dimension.

And oh yeah, it GLOWS.

After just a couple minutes under cloudy skies, it glowed like this!

For some reason, I always think that in order for a polish to glow brightly in the dark, it has to be a light, creamy color. So when I first got this polish and saw it in all its green jelly goodness, I thought, this won’t glow much. I don’t know why I thought that. It’s CLEARLY not the case. Look at that glow! And the glow lasts for a while, too. I woke up in the middle of the night and my nails were still glowing.

GAFHYB, direct sunlight

This was my first experience with Ellagee and I’m definitely been hooked. In fact, I’ve been wearing this polish for three days now, which is the longest I’ve worn a polish for a while. And I helped my awesome sister and brother-in-law move yesterday, and there is nary a chip on my nails! Seriously, the edges of my nails are still perfect. Usually I at least have some wear by now, but it looks like I just applied this polish.

I have a couple more Ellagee polishes to try, and I can’t wait after this very positive first experience.

Ellagee polishes can be found at her site, www.ellagee.com. She’s got something for everyone – textures, cremes, holos, and more. Check her out!

This product was provided for an honest review.

Botanical Perfumes by For Strange Women

Today I’m going to talk to you about a little perfume brand known as For Strange Women.

First of all, the name of this company is perfect. These are not your run of the mill sort of scents – they are sometimes woodsy, sometimes spicy, earthy and mysterious; they are unique and beautifully strange.  And every element is meticulously thought out – from the ingredients that go into each scent to the packaging.

For Strange Women offers scents in a variety of different forms, but my favorite is the perfume locket.

Perfume Locket (and the box it comes in)

I am largely an introvert, and often get overwhelmed in social situations, or loud, crowded spaces. There’s something  comforting in wearing this locket around my neck, whether it’s on display or tucked under my sweater. When I start to get overwhelmed, sometimes I catch a hint of the comforting smokiness of Fireside Story, or the warmth of Winter Kitty, and it grounds me.

The scents of For Strange Women are like memories, wisps of forgotten things that unfurl – sitting in front of a fireplace, legs tucked beneath you and hot cocoa in your hands; the first time you breathed in snow-cold frozen air and it stung your lungs; the crackle of leaves beneath your feet as you walked through a forest, alone, and took in the quiet around you – a whiff, and flashes of these stored-away moments materialize.

Solid perfume nestled in a locket.

A break down of the scents I’ve tried:

Fireside Story: smoky, woodsy, fire burning in a cabin and a blanket wrapped around you

Black Forest: sweet, dark jasmine bloom in moonlight

Winter Kitty: opens crisp and cool, blooms into smoke and warmth, curls of vanilla at the edges

Tonka: a dry vanilla, instead of a sweet one. Hints of almond and hay. Like a bright summer afternoon in a barn.

November in the Temperate Deciduous Forest: heavy, wet leaves in the woods, spongy undergrowth, round bloom of mushroom and sharpness of black tea.

Not sure what you might like? For Strange Women has a perfume map to help you decide.

For scale (note – I made the chain pictured myself).

For Strange Women can be found on etsy, or at her own site (I recommend visiting her site so you can see the adorable kitty cinemagraph on the front page!). Her scent descriptions are extremely accurate, but she also offers samples if you want to try some out before committing.

Natural, unique, and definitely a little bit strange (in a good way): I recommed For Strange Women without a doubt.

Seize The Rainbow – Model City Polish

I have a feeling that I’m the neighborhood weirdo. I don’t get any direct sunlight in my house, so I always have to stand outside to get shots of my nails in the sun. So there I am, shooting pictures of my hands, usually in my pajamas, with my neighbors walking their dogs and driving by me. But I do it for you, readers! I’m the neighborhood weirdo so I can share indie polish with you lacqueristas.

Just kidding. I would be the neighborhood weirdo with or without nail polish, probably.

Anyways, today I’ve got a lovely Model City Polish to share with you. This is Seize The Rainbow:

3 Coats, direct sunlight

Seize The Rainbow is actually a holographic topper – you can apply a thin coat to any polish to give it a holographic effect. But it looks beautiful all on its own – subtle, delicate, shimmery – it almost reminds me of mist. Have you ever seen a waterfall on a bright sunny day? When the mist at the bottom of the waterfall catches the sunlight and rainbows appear? That’s what it makes me think of.

The formula on this is lovely. It goes on buttery smooth. I did end up using four thin coats, but it was mostly because I was spacing out and watching tv while I painted and was kind of mindlessly running the brush over my nails. It was easy to do, because the application was so velvety I didn’t really have to pay attention to make it go on effortlessly streak-free and lovely. Next time I would probably stop at 2-3 coats, because I think this would look really pretty a little more sheer.

Indoors, this polish becomes a beautiful, shimmery silver color:

Indoor lighting

And then, because I just really want to cement myself as the neighborhood crazycakes, I stood in my front yard at dusk and took pictures of my nails with the flash on.

Evening, with flash

Model City Polish can be bought on etsy and also at her own shop. She also has her own nail polish blog where she swatches and reviews a variety of indies. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

I Love Vampires – Esmaltes da Kelly

Yes, the name is a bit silly – but the polish is awesome. Textured, shimmery, vampy goodness from Esmaltes de Kelly – here is I Love Vampires:

Two coats, direct sunlight

There is a lot of complexity in this polish. Deep, blood-red jelly base that is packed so heavily with dark micro glitters that it actually darkens the overall look of the polish. And then you have brighter, sparkling micro glitters, and there’s also  very small iridescent bars in the mix.

It sounds like it would make for chaos, but the end affect is vampy and glamorous.

It reaches opacity in two thick coats. Because it’s a jelly base, the dry time is slow. But I would recommend using I Love Vampires on its own before you slap on a top coat.

The first time I used it, I threw HK Girl on top to have it dry faster, and it completely changed the polish. The iridescent glitters disappeared completely. The overall look was more muted and flat. It wasn’t bad, but it was like a completely different polish.

Close up of texture

So put it on, and then watch a movie or something (or a couple episodes of Lost Girl, like I did. It’s like a soap opera, but with fae. So much mystical drama!), and wait for it to dry.

In low-lighting

Esmaltes da Kelly is a Brasilian brand, and I think this is her site. I’m also not certain you can buy her polishes there – I tried to have Chrome translate the page from Portuguese to English to help me figure it all out, but it wasn’t a super informative experience.

However, I know for certain that you can find Esmaltas de Kelly at Llarowe and Color4Nails. I haven’t used Color4Nails before so I can’t vouch for them personally, but they have been around for a little while now and I haven’t heard anything negative yet.

And that’s it for now! Happy Wednesday to you all. 🙂

Just Lucky – Liquid Sky Lacquer

Saturday night, listening to Bowie and writing about nail polish – try not to be intimidated by my wild and glamorous life!

That being said, I actually am very excited because I broke 1K today over on my facebook blog – things are happening, people!



Okay wow, I got really sidetracked here. I’m just still so amped by all of the generosity, kindness and support I’ve encountered from the nail polish and blogging community! There’s some really amazing people around here. And you’re probably one of them, whoever you are reading this! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Okay, so nail polish. Let me get back on track. Today I’ve got another thermal for you – I am on a HUGE thermal kick lately.

So last week, Liquid Sky Lacquer restocked her thermal Just Lucky – I ordered it and received it by the end of the week! Check it out:

Direct sunlight

Soooo faaaabbb.

4 thin coats, HK Girl on top

Just Lucky is a shimmery nude-gold in its warm state, and a vibrant, punchy red in cold state. When it’s gold, it is a little sheer, so I used four coats here – next time I would probably use an opaque base to save polish.

It is a sensitive thermal – it switches remarkably quickly between gold and red. I had just put my hands under cold water for the photo above, and by the time I took the twenty steps from my kitchen to outdoors, it was already shifting back to its warm gold state (you can see it starting to shift on my ring finger near the base).

And this might turn some people off, but I thought it was pretty cool – when I put on lotion, the polish got this creepy streaky effect that looked totally horrorshow.

Spooky scary thermal effect

I mean, throw on a leather jacket, some black eyeliner, and this polish, and you’ve got a don’t-mess-with-me look going on that would be perfect for, say, fight clubs or girls night outs or whatever.

So obviously, once I noticed the spooky mood this polish could give off, I had to take a picture with a skull.

This is what everybody does on Saturday nights, right? Right?

Right. So, Liquid Sky Lacquer can be found here: http://liquidskylacquer.bigcartel.com/

Also, check out her facebook for upcoming colors, restocks, and international stockists: https://www.facebook.com/LiquidSkyLacquer

And now I have to go have a David Bowie dance party in my living room. Happy weekend everyone, hope you have a great one!

La Catrina – Polished By KPT

Okay, I think I have a thermal problem. I am obsessed with them, and most especially with Polished By KPT’s thermals, which always have unique color combinations and are excellent quality. If she ever comes out with a glow-in-the-dark thermal my head might explode.

Until that day comes, we have La Catrina:

Three coats La Catrina with HK Girl on top – direct sunlight

Okay, I have to be honest with you. I have no idea what I was thinking when I took these pictures. I didn’t get a bottle shot, and apparently I was feeling very nature-y because all I have is pictures of my nails on grass, wood, etc. I think I thought I was being artsy? Sigh. Anyways, they’re the only pictures I have of La Catrina and they still do a fairly good job of showing the awesomeness of this polish, so try and bear with me, I’m sorry.

Direct sunlight.

Okay. La Catrina. How can I describe this polish? I have nothing else like it in my stash, and have come across nothing else like it out there.

In its warm state, it’s a gorgeous, shimmery taupe, shifting very slightly between tan and purple-tan when you tilt your hands. It has a gorgeous glow to it, a pink golden shimmer that burst into life in sunlight.

In its cold state, it transforms into a vibrant green. It’s a unique shade of green; sort of jade, sort of fern…hard to describe. The pink-purple shimmer pops out against the green background.

I love thermals because they make it look like I put more effort into my nails than I really did. The edges of my nails tend be colder, where the base of my nails stay warm, so I often end up with this awesome gradient effect. I have no idea how to do a gradient, but it looks like I do!

All thermals are different – some are more sensitive to cold and heat, some shift more quickly or slowly. But Polished By KPT consistently makes thermals that shift perfectly on my nails, so I often end up with this gradient look. With a lot of thermals, the polish usually just remains in the cold or warm state for me, and I have to ‘force’ the thermal affect. Maybe Polished By KPT thermals just work really well with my body temperature, I don’t know. But they are my favorite thermals I have come across so far.

I didn’t really capture the shimmer in these redonkulous photos I took (seriously, no idea), but trust me, it’s gorgeous. Really breathes life into this polish. And the polish applies beautifully – super smooth, no issues at all.

You can find Polished By KPT polishes at her BigCartel shop. Her shop is currently closed to restock and work on new colors, so check out her facebook page for updates on when it will be opening again!