A England Limited Holy Grail; Emerald & Ash Deconstructed Daisy

Sunny nails!  I know many of you are snowed in right now, but don’t let heavy sweaters and snow boots hold you back from basking in the glow of a colorful mani.

Springtime fever!

Today I’m wearing a gorgeous indie combo: A England’s limited (ie, original) ‘Holy Grail’ beneath with Emerald & Ash ‘Deconstructed Daisy’ on top. You may not have heard about Emerald & Ash yet – her shop hasn’t opened yet, although you can contact and purchase her polish via her facebook page.

Separate, they’re awesome. But together? KERPLOW.

You know that scene in the movies when the heroine is twirling through a field of flowers, with the sunbeams shining warm and gold? You could shrink that heroine to miniature size and have her run around on this mani and she wouldn’t even know the difference.

Like sunshine and clover.

Application and formula for both these polishes are exceptional; I used two coats of Holy Grail to achieve full opacity and one quick and easy coat of Deconstructed Daisy on top. I was really impressed with the quality of Emerald & Ash – oftentimes I have trouble getting chunky glitter to spread evenly, but this went on smooth as velvet.

You can find A England’s products at their website, where the limited edition of Holy Grail is currently only £5, along with free international shipping on all their products. Emerald & Ash polishes can be purchased by contacting the maker through her facebook page, and there is a shop planned for the near future.



    1. A England is having a sale until tomorrow (1/15) to celebrate their two year anniversary – all polishes are discounted to only £6. So now is the best time to check them out! 🙂

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