Hisssss. Rainbow Honey Snake Eyes.

That is my snake sound effect, so don’t be scared. It’s not a real snake.

Today I’m wearing Rainbow Honey’s sea foam green, sparkletine ‘Snake Eyes.’ Check it out:

Sssssso green.

As I write this, I keep thinking of that scene in the old animated ‘The Jungle Book,’ when the snake is singing to Mowgli, ‘Trussssst in me.’  Bear with me, as I am trying to resist hissing every ‘s’ in this post.

Snake Eyes literally is this snake’s eyes, right?

This polish is shimmery, sheer, and snakey. I didn’t realize how sheer it was until I started applying it – if you decide to buy this polish, be sure to use a base color (I’d recommend a sea foam or mint green) so you don’t have to be wasteful and do four coats like I did.

That being sssssaid, it’sssss lovely, right? Okay, I’m done with that now, I promise.

I continue to be impressed with the quality of Rainbow Honey polishes. While this polish was more sheer than I expected, it still went on easily and had such a gorgeous, velvety green glow.

Snake Eyes is part of Rainbow Honey’s Chrono Cross Collection; minis run for an affordable $5 and full sized for $10. Now get out of here before I ssssstart hissssing again.



  1. sssso fun! I just started following yesterday and I am already feeling so inspired/tempted to go out and buy nail polish!! haha I love how creative you get with your nails : )

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