A England ‘Dragon.’ GrrrRAWR!

‘Grrrrawr’ is the sound a dragon makes, in case you wondering. Not a lot of people know that. But I bet A England did, because they clearly know a lot about dragons, considering how perfectly they nailed the polish ‘Dragon.’ Seriously, check out this glimmery, holo beauty:

So grrrrawr.

As soon as I swiped this on (opaque in ONE COAT!), it instantly became one of my top five favorite polishes in my stash. Green is my favorite color, and I have been searching for a while now for the perfect, rich, foresty green – and this is it. It dried super quickly, and it hits the light like a jewel.

Of course, even with the perfect green, I get antsy wearing the same polish two days in a row. So I decided to add some ‘scales’ to this dragon with a single coat of Essie’s Shine Of The Times on top.

Like a dragon’s belly.

For any of you that are Hobbit fans, doesn’t this make you think of Smog the dragon? I think we should convince one of The Hobbit movie actors to wear this to the next premier. Right? Totally see that happening.

Anyways, since I’m the most antsy mani person ever, I decided to matte it to bring out the flakies. Um, HELLO.

A fire-breathing mani! Mattifying it gives it a crazy fiery glow.

The quality of A England’s polishes are fantastic, and my orders have always shipped promptly. You can find A England’s polishes on their websiteand they have free international shipping! I highly recommend their products – the pigments, the colors and the quality are truly fantastic.


Update – I just wanted to update and let you all know that this was an absolute DREAM to remove. Took absolutely no effort! Oh A England, you so fab.



  1. Here’s one I’d like to own, too. I’ve heard fabulous things about how smooth and effortless A England’s are to apply. Swooon!

  2. Wowza!! Okay, this combo just blew my mind- I already knew Dragon was amazing, but when you add gold flakes and then mattify it, it takes it to a whole new level. Thanks for the inspiration- I’ll definitely be trying this! 😀

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