‘First Contact’ by My Ten Friends Nail Polish

My nails look so glam rock. I am in awe.

KACHOW! (that’s my glam rock music sound.)

Very few of you would know this, but I am a crazy David Bowie fan. I love his voice, and his wackadoodle hairdos, and his awesome shiny outfits. And as soon as I put on this polish I thought to myself, ‘ooooh my goodness. David Bowie would SO wear this. Circa his Ziggy Stardust phase, I mean.’ I’m telling you guys, I’m a nerd for Bowie.

Anyways, that’s not totally related to this polish, except to say that when you wear this, you will feel like a glam rock superstar. Your nails will not stop distracting you and everyone around you. My friend literally grabbed my hand and exclaimed, ‘OH. MY. GOD.’ when she saw this polish on me.

Three coats of First Contact, with one topcoat of KBShimmer ‘Clearly On Top.’

The camera can’t capture the awesomeness that happens when the light hits this polish. Rainbows practically explode off your hands in a laser beam fashion. Driving with my hands wrapped around the steering wheel was like having a disco ball in the car with me. My hands became a little laser show everywhere I went.

In addition to being mad glittertastical-bo-bastical, this polish has a gorgeous rose gold hue, almost a very pale copper. I had to use three coats to build it to opacity, but I could also see this beautifully transforming a dark polish into something new and different.

‘First Contact’ is from My Ten Friends Nail Polish upcoming ‘Kiss of the Cosmos’ Valentine’s collection being released tomorrow at their Etsy shop. As I said in my previous post, I’ve been hugely impressed with their customer service. They’ve responded to all my questions promptly, and my nail polishes were sent to me very quickly.

Additionally, they took the initiative to contact me after I received my polishes and let me know that they had discovered some possible curling issues with the large black glitter in ‘First Contact’ and were reformulating it slightly to resolve the issue. They apologized and told me if I had any problems with my polish that they would send me a new one right away. This really impressed me – they went out of their way to be honest and inform me of a possible issue when they could have just as easily said nothing and hoped for the best.

My Ten Friends Nail Polish can be found at their Etsy Shop, and they also have a Facebook you can follow for updates.



  1. Nothing better than a Bowie-disco on your nails! I love when brands have amazing customer service, it makes me love them a million times more.

  2. I had never heard of My Ten Friends, but now I am in love with this polish! Your photos are beautiful. Also, I need anything even slightly coppery. I agree that it looks very Bowie. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. They’re still a pretty new indie brand (I think only since October?), but they’re really awesome!! Their polishes are even prettier in person. This one sparkles so much! And thank you for the compliment on my photos :3

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