‘Lunar Love Song’ by My Ten Friends Nail Polish

Today I have a really beautiful polish to show you. This is the first polish I have ever received before a collection has been released yet, and it’s very exciting for me as a blogger! It’s called ‘Lunar Love Song,’ and it’s by indie maker My Ten Friends Nail Polish. Check out the gorgeousness that is this lacquer:

Sea foam green with a hint of sheen; pink, gold and red glitters floating throughout. Holy cow, this polish is stunning. It hits the light in a soft, dewy manner – in fact, as I’m describing this, I can see how Lunar Love Song is such an apt name. The subtle shimmer creates a hazy glow almost like moonlight hitting your nails, which mixed with the ‘romantic’ red and pink glitters creates quite the lunar love song, indeed.

Two coats Lunar Love Song, topped with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

Application for this polish was much better than I anticipated. When I saw the large red glitter in the bottle, I figured I would have to do a lot of dabbing and placement to get them on, but instead it went on very smoothly. The first coat was very sheer, but by the second coat it was nearly opaque. What you see in the pictures here is only two coats.

I’d been eyeing My Ten Friends Nail Polish for a while, and I’m so glad to have finally been able to try their products. Communication with My Ten Friends was excellent – they have always responded to my messages very quickly, and went above and beyond in trying to make sure all my questions were answered. Shipping was also extremely prompt, and the polishes were packed snugly and arrived in perfect condition.

Lunar Love Song is part of their ‘Kiss of the Cosmos’ collection coming out for Valentine’s Day and will be released on Friday (February 1) at their Etsy shop. My Ten Friends was incredibly nice enough to take a chance on me as a new blogger, and I hope you will all take a chance on them as well! I truly do think you won’t regret it. After trying their polishes in person, I’ve put several more of theirs on my own wishlist!



  1. Cute! I’ve never heard of My Ten Friends but hopefully they ship to Canada (a lot of places don’t). Also good to know that their customer service is top notch. (This is why I love Rainbow Honey so much, hehe.) This polish is super pretty. I love the colours of the glitters they chose.

    1. I’m not sure if they ship to Canada, but hopefully they do so you can try them! And yeah, Rainbow Honey is another one of my favorites. Customer service makes all the difference!

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