‘Galax-E’ by Pretty & Polished

Hi everyone! It’s 12:10am here where I’m at right now, and I’m feeling pretty sleepy so I’m going to keep this post sweet and simple (hallelujah, right?).

I’m currently wearing Pretty & Polished’s ‘Galax-E,’ and if you want to know what this polish looks like in person, just open your curtains and look up at the night sky. Cheesy? Yes. True? Yes.

Two coats Galax-E with A England ‘The Shield’ topcoat

I only needed two coats of Galax-E to make it opaque, but it is very topcoat hungry. I would definitely recommend using a smoothing topcoat like Glitter Food to help smooth it out.

And now, a shot that shows you that I’m clearly still working on defining my own unique swatch style. Also, sleepy. Don’t forget. That’s totally a legit excuse, guys.

If you’ve been looking for a spacey polish, you’ve found it in this one. I received several compliments on it throughout the day – I didn’t think anyone would notice how sparkly and starry it was beside me, and was surprised at the number of people who commented on it. It’s totally tubular, dude.

You can find Pretty & Polished products at their website or their etsy shop.



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