Shimmer Polish – A brief(ish) note.

As those of you who follow my facebook might know, I recently won a giveaway hosted by Shimmer Polish and received five of her gorgeous polishes in the mail. Five! I had been wanting to try Shimmer Polish for a while, so I was thrilled. And then when I received them, I was even more so – these polishes are truly stunning.

I want to note that even if I got a polish for free, I would still be honest about whether I had any issues with it. I would try not to let the generosity or thoughtfulness of an indie maker get in the way of an honest review of the polish itself. And so I hope you believe me when I say that I’ve nothing but good to write about Shimmer Polish – truly.

I’ve tried three of the polishes I’ve received thus far, and these are the consistent positive remarks I can make about each one I’ve worked with:

  • they are packed with glitter, but glide on smoothly – I haven’t had to do any dabbing or placement of glitter
  • even though they’re full of glitter, they still somehow manage to dry with a smooth surface and without roughness
  • the combination of colors are unique and breathe a glowing life into each one.

I wanted to write a brief post outlining all this before I begin swatching them, because the quality has been consistently fantastic for each polish I’ve tried thus far, and I don’t want to repeat myself in later posts as I start to swatch them. I know I’m a new blogger, but I hope you can trust my positive reviews of Shimmer and know that just because I won them in a giveaway it is not affecting my opinion – and hopefully the pictures will prove it! 🙂



    1. I have, but I haven’t been able to try any! I absolutely love glitter polishes too. I really recomment Shimmer Polish if you’re into glitter – they catch the light beautifully!

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