Shimmer Polish – Caroline

Anyone who has read the post I wrote just before this will know I’m a fan of Shimmer Polish. The quality of these polishes have blown me away. Today I’m featuring Caroline, and it’s gorgeous.

Purple is one of my least favorite colors, but Caroline has changed that. One of the reasons I tried this polish first was merely to get the purple color out of the way – and then I put it on, and was stunned. I found myself questioning my whole purple-hate philosophy.

This polish practically glows, the purple is so vibrant. It’s a deep, husky purple, and the shimmer of blue brings everything together beautifully. I ended up wearing this polish for two complete days – a bit of a rarity for an impatient lacquerista like myself.

Two coats ‘Caroline’ over Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black.’

If I’m going to be perfectly honest with you all, one of the reasons I held back from buying Shimmer Polish until now was the price. It was always just a smidge above what I could justify for what I saw online as just a glitter polish. Now that I’ve tried these polishes in person, I can tell you I was completely wrong – I’ve realized as I started writing about these that there is truly an art to finding complimentary glitter combinations, and the maker of Shimmer Polish has a talent for it. All the glitters she choose mesh together beautifully, breathing life into the polish.


Shimmer Polish can be purchased at her etsy shop. She also produces custom polishes upon request.



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