Shimmer Polish – Kim

Shimmer Polish ‘Kim’ is aquatic and striking – the light catches it even in dim environments, giving your nails a blue, watery glow. It reminds me of those cave pools you see in National Geographic, that glow different colors in the dark.

Shimmer Polish ‘Kim’makes me think of a clear, tropical ocean on a calm summer day, the sun glinting off the surface, rays of sun sparkling like amethysts and diamonds.

Two coats ‘Kim’ over OPI ‘Tickle My Francey’

And then putting ‘Kim’ over black transforms it into a more serious and striking sort of beauty:

Two coats ‘Kim’ over Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’

Now excuse me, I’m going to stare at my nails and be truly impressed by Shimmer Polish’s talent for finding complimentary glitter combinations – it’s as if these glitters were born to be together. Gorgeous little glitter soulmates.

Shimmer Polish can be purchased at herΒ etsy shop. She also produces custom polishes upon request.



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