Lorene – Shimmer Polish

I’m nearing the end of the lovely polishes I won from the Shimmer Polish giveaway, but I’ve really been enjoying how they all translate from the bottle to nail. I hope you have been too!

Today I have ‘Lorene’ to show you – a multicolored glitter combination with a grip of rich red-magenta, a smattering of gold, purple, and blue, and an underglow of teal (underglow is a word now). Oh yeah, and it’s all in a very sheer, strawberry-fuschia base. A lot of prettiness happening here, combined to make one powerfully hypnotic polish.

I actually had trouble photographing this the first time around, and ended up wearing it a second time this week to get better shots. It’s so hard to capture the alluring shimmer this polish exudes.

And have I mentioned yet how aptly named ‘Shimmer Polish’ is? Because these polishes don’t glitter, they don’t sparkle, they shimmer. It’s truly the best description for how these polishes behave, how they catch the light.

Two coats ‘Lorene’ over OPI Skyfall

I’ve been enjoying seeing how different base colors can transform these polishes, so I thought I would share with you how a black base can bring Lorene to a completely different level. I tried a few different base colors and black was definitely my favorite – it brought all the vibrant colors of Lorene to light.

Two coats ‘Lorene’ over Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’

Yowza, right?

Shimmer Polish can be purchased at her etsy shop; she also produces custom polishes upon request. You can find her facebook here, and her blog can be found at http://www.shimmyshimmer.com/.



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