My Ten Friends – Earthlings In Love

Boo to the flu! It finally caught up with me, even after all my hand washing and green tea drinking. Fortunately, I had some photos saved on my computer that I took last week, so I can share those with you all while I continue taking Nyquil and feeling sorry for myself under the covers.

So today I have a very bright polish to share with you – ‘Earthlings in Love’ by My Ten Friends Nail Polish. Bright shimmery pink and packed with silver glitter, with a punch of electric fuschia matte glitter to boot:

It’s loud and girly, but the vibrancy of the neon pink glitter mixed in gives it an edge, an in-your-face kind of girliness.

I wore this on a trip to the zoo and it lasted me the entire day with no chipping or wear, even as I kept accidentally bumping into a billion tourists while getting distracted by all the awesome animals like the maned wolves and the fennec fox and the naked mole rats. So many awesome animals! I love the zoo.

Sorry, sidetracked for a second. Back to nail polish:

I always love to see where the inspiration came from for polishes, so I found it really cool when My Ten Friends shared that their inspiration for Earthlings in Love came from a photo of the universe, specifically the pink cluster in the center:

After seeing that, I can see so many elements of that photo in the polish! Very cool.

Most of you probably know by now My Ten Friends is one of my favorite indie polish brands. Quality polishes, awesome color combinations, and excellent customer service – it’s an irresistible triple whammy!

You can find their polishes at their etsy shop, but they just went on vacation for a short while, so check out their facebook for updates. They’ll be back up soon!



  1. I love the color! and get well soon! 🙂 I had the flu last week, but with keeping up the tea drinking and adding a little of fresh pressed lemon juice, it passed so fast!

  2. The My Ten Friends bottles are always so cute! I love this pink galaxy esque colour on you! I hope you’re feeling better soon. I’m not well myself – just drinking a ton of teas and lots of rest. Hope you’re able to do the same. :3

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