Adeste Fidelis and Chocolate Bunny Soup – Smitten Polish

I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, but I have two awesome polishes to share with you today in between coughing and drinking hot tea. They’re so fantastical they’re helping to distract me from not feeling well! Both are from Smitten Polish, an indie maker I had heard many good things about but hadn’t been lucky enough to experience until now.

First up is Adeste Fidelis:

Pink and green hex glitters swim in a pink-white base, with a warm shimmer of micro gold glitters throughout. The pale, delicate colors of the glitter and the base combine beautifully. I don’t get to experience snow much, but this polish makes me imagine waking up in the morning, all warm under the blankets, and peeking out the window to see snow has fallen overnight, everything all soft and white while the sun begins to rise.

Adeste Fidelis was released as part of Smitten Polish’s holiday collection, and it still sells out quickly on her etsy shop whenever it’s restocked. It’s such a unique color combination, and I received several compliments while wearing it.

Next up is a polish with an adorable name – Chocolate Bunny Soup:

Look at the lil’ sunburst on my pinkie the camera captured!

The name of this polish combined with the polish itself makes me imagine some bunnies hopping about a cauldron full of molten chocolate, tossing in jelly beans and easter eggs to make a bunny soup. Right?? Just look at all the colorful circle glitters floating around in the shimmery, warm caramel-brown base:

This is one of Smitten Polish’s most recent releases, and I just love it! Where Adeste Fidelis is subtle, lovely, and quietly colorful, Chocolate Bunny Soup is wacky, sweet, and brightly upbeat. It’s such a fun polish for spring – almost like little flower buds starting to poke their way through the dirt and beginning to blossom.

I will have a couple more Smitten Polishes to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned! I’m a huge fan of the creative glitter and color combinations she comes up with.

You can find Smitten Polish at her etsy shop, or on Llarowe.

Edit – Wanted to share one more of Adeste Fidelis on here that everybody on my facebook seems to like – I feel like it looks like my nails are moodily staring out my window. ;D



    1. Adeste Fidelis is super unique – I haven’t seen another indie with this type of combo! And Chocolate Bunny Soup is such a warm, flattering brown – and you’re right, the jelly glossiness makes it even more awesome! 😀

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