Pink Goes Good With Green! – Smitten Polish

Today I have another Smitten Polish to share with you – Pink Goes Good With Green! It’s a perfect springtime color:

‘Pink Goes Good With Green!’ (the exclamation mark is part of the name, but it keeps throwing me off as I type) is part of Smitten Polish’s recent Wicked collection. It’s a creamy, minty green with an optimistic mix of pink, fuschia, and light green glitters.

I was surprised by how much I loved ‘Pink Goes Good With Green!’ on – I didn’t think I was a big sea foam green kind of person, but once I put this on I began to rethink that. It’s such a calming color, and the pop of the pinks creates a striking balance with its bright energy.

‘Pink Goes Good With Green!’ is another Smitten Polish that sells out quickly whenever it’s restocked in her etsy shop, so if it’s one you’re after then I’d recommend following her facebook page so you can know when restocks are going to happen.



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