‘Sturm Und Drang’ – by Scofflaw Nail Varnish

Today I have a polish from a new indie maker to share with you all – ‘Sturm Und Drang’ by Scofflaw Nail Varnish.

I seriously love this polish. Grey and stormy, with an unexpected pop of magenta and slimer green – an awesomely unique combination.

Finch (maker of Scofflaw Nail Varnishes) had this to say about the name:

“Sturm und drang is German for ‘Storm and drive.’ It was a late 18th century German literary movement characterized by works containing rousing action and high emotionalism that often deal with the individual’s revolt against society.”

A polish inspired by a literary movement? Aw heck. As if this polish wasn’t awesome enough already.

Just check out all the amazingness happening in this polish: slate grey base, starry shimmer, specks of fuschia, green and silver – all booming together like they were never meant to be anywhere else than in this polish and on your fingers.

‘Sturm Und Drang,’ mattified.

 Scofflaw Nail Varnish opened her etsy shop for the first time in February and within the hour it was totally sold out. So I was super stoked that I was able to snag some! And don’t worry, she has a restock occurring on March 17.
You can check out her facebook for updates, and keep an eye on her etsy shop when it gets restocked! I wouldn’t be surprised if things sell out quickly again.


    1. Right?! As a lit major, it was impossible for me to resist. And I love your description – you’re right, ‘striking balance’ is the perfect way to describe what is happening here!

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