‘Dipping Chocolate’ by Model City Polish

I am sick AGAIN! This has been the season of me getting sick over and over and frankly I am sick of being sick. Harrumph.

Ahem, excuse me. Whining over now!

The nice thing about being sick is that it is giving me time to go through the pictures I have taken in the last week and start drafting more posts. Which is good, because today I have an awesome polish I have been wanting to share with you all for several days now but just haven’t had the time – a gorgeous holo called ‘Dipping Chocolate’ by Model City Polish.

Oh my GAH. The rainbow is strong in this one.

As soon as I tried Dipping Chocolate on I knew it would become one of my go-to polishes. A gorgeous, rich brown that would probably be flattering on any skin tone, with a kerblam amount of rainbow mixed in? OH lawd.

If tree sprites wore nail polish, this is the one they would wear. They would prance around the forest in their willowy dresses and clap their hands, flashing rainbow in the sunlight. Also, I don’t know a lot about tree sprites.

I apologize for not having a bottle shot in this post, but I actually took these pictures in the middle of hiking when my husband suggested I get a shot of my nails ‘in nature.’ He’s big into sports and not at all into polish, so when he takes the time to remark on my polish and suggest getting a picture of it, that’s a rare moment. That’s how awesome Dipping Chocolate is.

Also, can I emphasize that I took these pictures in theย middle of hiking?? These pictures were after I had been wearing this polish for two days and had: a) driven for eight straight hours across California b) carried a bunch of luggage around c) went hiking in the woods and around a giant lake. This polish could fight an angry grizzly bear and walk out unharmed.

Nina (maker of Model City Polish) is very active in the nail polish community, which makes her even more awesome in my book. I’ve seen her donate to giveaways, share reviews and tips with others, and generally just be a super nice and supportive person. So I am stoked that I was finally able to try her polish and even more stoked (but not surprised, given what I’d heard from others) when I found out first hand how fantastic her polish is.

You can find her polishes at her etsy shop, and her facebook is here if you want to like it for updates. Check it out! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. These were after hiking or during even? I don’t have much experience but I hear that holos are generally pretty weak in regards of staying power so the fact that this baby survives is awesome!!! Mmmmm holo and natural light is so much love. YES.

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