‘Chinese Lanterns’ by Lumina Lacquer

Happy Saturday all! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I’m finally starting to feel a bit better. Woohoo! But I shall resist getting sidetracked. On to polish related things!

Today it’s all about ‘Chinese Lanterns’ by indie maker Lumina Lacquer. It’s a jam packed glitter topper in a clear base.

One thick coat ‘Chinese Lanterns’ over Essie ‘School of Hard Knocks.’

Hearts? Check. Giant circles? Check. Little hexes? Check check. Bajillion different colors and sizes? CHECCCKKKK.

I layered this over a dusky color first, something that might resemble lanterns against an early evening sky. I was blown away by how much glitter comes out with absolutely no fishing involved. Every brush stroke was thick with glitter (thick in a really good way, not a gloopy way).

For my second base color, I wanted something that resembled warm candlelight, like the light that glows within the paper globe of a Chinese lantern.

One thick coat ‘Chinese Lanterns’ over A England ‘Holy Grail.’

I absolutely love how this polish looks over a lighter color like this. It made all the colors in ‘Chinese Lanterns’ pop and come to life. It’s an incredibly lively and vibrant combination.

This is my first Lumina Lacquer and overall I have absolutely no complaints. It was shipped to me quickly and was very easy to apply. One thing to note – the last time Lumina Lacquer did a restock, ‘Chinese Lanterns’ sold out quickly. So if it’s one you’re interested in, I would follow her facebook for restock updates. And check out her shop for other polishes she makes!



    1. Always showcase your glitters – advice for the ages!! And don’t be jealous. It’s growing uncontrollably and shall probably drown me soon lol.

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