‘Let Them Eat…What?’ by Hare Polish

Hi all! I’ve been gone for a couple of very full weeks, but I am back now with a new polish to show you – ‘Let Them Eat…What?’ by Hare Polish.

‘Let Them Eat…What?’ is from Hare Polish’s most recent collection, The Last Queen Of France. There’s a lot of pretty polishes in this collection, but for some reason when I saw ‘Let Them Eat…What?’ it struck me on some weird emotional level. I think I must have had a stuffed animal resembling the colors of this polish when I was really little or something – the soft base combined with the pink and bright pop of orange stirs up this random nostalgia in me. And, uh, aside from that it’s just a cute polish.

I was shocked by how easily this polish applied considering what a glitter bomb it is. None of the glitter dragged – I usually have to dab a bit or push glitter with the brush to get it to settle perfectly, but this went on easy from the go. Awesome work on Hare Polish’s part!

Hare Polish has been one of my favorite brands since I first started getting into indies, and remains a favorite of mine today. It’s very cool to see how her products have continued to improve and grow with each collection; based off of my experience with ‘Let Them Eat…What?,’ I have a feeling The Last Queen Of France may be her best collection to date.

Her polishes can be found at her etsy shop, but they often sell out fast. I would recommend check out Llarowe – in addition to her new collection, Llarowe also carries polishes from her previous collections as well. They often sell out there as well, but you can sign up for email notifications so if there’s one you want you’ll know when it comes back in!



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