‘Huangshan’ by Elevation Polish

Hi all! So today I’ve got a bright and sunny polish to share with you – Elevation Polish’s ‘Huangshan,’ aka the polish I have no idea how to pronounce but is pretty to look at.

This is one coat ‘Huangshan’ over OPI ‘My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours.’ It goes on smoothly and the yellow glitters just POP instantly.

Huangshan is a polish that stands out – definitely not one to wear if you are looking for something subtle. It’s not often you see a neon yellow glitter topper (by not often, I mean I never had before this), and it definitely catches people’s eyes.

It reminds me of bright summer afternoons, it reminded my husband of halloween, and it reminded a friend and coworker of mine of spin art (blast from the past! remember making spin art as a kid?). I love the wide range of ideas this polish evokes from different people.

This was my first experience with Elevation Polish, and I’m definitely pleased. I can’t wait to try this polish over a dark color next. Check out Elevation Polish’s bigcartel site if you want to see Huangshan and more!



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