Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut by Scofflaw Nail Varnish

Are you guys sick of Scofflaws yet? Because I have one more to show you. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it! I’ve been on such a Scofflaw kick lately – they’re just great quality and so much fun.

So today I have one final Scofflaw to share with you – a limited edition, blue-grey, literary inspired polish called “Love Letter To Kurt Vonnegut.”

Two coats, smoothed with topcoat.

Even though I have yet to really connect with Vonnegut like some people do (I feel like it will happen for me some day! I just need more time to understand him), I couldn’t resist buying this polish since I am a giant literature nerd.

It actually dried with a bit of a textured finish, and I was surprised to find I liked that about it. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘sand’ polish movement going around right now – it’s so in-your-face lumpy and bumpy and kind of gives me the jeebies. But this was a very subtle sort of pebbly texture. You can see what I mean in this second picture:

Two coats, no topcoat (slightly textured finish).

It’s nice, right? Really subtle and actually pretty cool.

The color of this polish is also just gorgeous. It’s a velvety blue with undertones of periwinkle and grey – it’s a very calming shade. There are glinting gold flecks and tiny black glitter peppered throughout.

This polish is a limited edition and is already sold out at Scofflaw Varnish’s etsy shop, but it will be sold at Llarowe. So sign up for an email notification or keep an eye on restock dates for Llarowe if you’re interested, because this polish will go fast.

Later gators!



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