St. George by A England

Alohaaaaa polish people! It’s a breezy summer day in SoCal and I have had a lot of coffee and feel the kind of hyperfeel that makes me want to skip down the beach belting songs from The Sound of Music. But because that is generally considered uncool behavior, instead I’ll channel that energy into this blog post. Hurrah! EVERYBODY DANCE NOW.

Okay, sorry. I am totally going to be cool now. Reining it in!

So today I have St. George by indie maker A England. Oh St. George. You are gorgeous.

St. George in direct sunlight.

After the first swipe of this polish on my nail I paused, leaned back and blurted out, “Oh, snap.” It’s a freaking one-coater, people. THIS IS ONE COAT ON MY NAILS.

St. George indoors (low-light), continuing its reign of awesomeness.

There’s a rich depth to this polish – the way the scattered holos interact with the deep, dark teal is mesmerizing. I couldn’t truly capture the intriguing complexity of this polish with my camera – just trust me that you’ll know what I mean once you try this polish in person. It’s stunning.

For UK residents, A England can be found at their personal website. For the rest of us, you can find A England at Llarowe, or check A England’s Where to Buy. I have tried several A England polishes now and I can tell you they are some of the highest quality polishes I have come across. I have yet to be disappointed!

Now excuse me. I can feel my coffee fading and I must replenish. Then I think I’m going to do some double-time tae bo in my living room or climb a tree or something. Whoosh! Zoom! Polish Fox out.


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