Gunfighter – Colors by Llarowe

Sigh. This polish totally bummed me out.

‘Gunfighter’ is the first Colors by Llarowe I’ve ever tried. Her polishes sell crazy fast, and I had been lemming after this one for a while ever since I first came across it on Llarowe, but it was sold out for a long while and I couldn’t find blogger swatches of it anywhere. But it looked amazing in the listing picture – a rich, deep green jelly with sparkles of red shining through the dark depths. I hadn’t seen a combo like it before, so when the next restock finally came around I picked it up and couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Maybe I built it up in my head, but when I finally got the package and unwrapped it, it was a total ‘meh’ experience seeing it in person. It didn’t look very similar to the swatch picture I had seen on her website, but I had hope it might look different once I finally tried it on.

This is the picture of Gunfighter on Llarowe’s listing:

This is Gunfigher as worn by me, in indoor lighting with no flash:

Two coats Gunfighter with one coat Seche Vite on top.

Oh. Well, maybe I just needed to go into direct sunlight to get the intense shimmer as described and pictured in the listing.

Direct sunlight, no flash.

Um…kind of?

On the bright side, one cool thing about Gunfighter was that at certain angles it would flash a brilliant green, like this:

But again, that wasn’t described in the listing and it wasn’t what I was expecting.

I mean, it’s a pretty polish. But the shimmer, while a pretty burnt orange color, is not as bold in real life, and in low lighting it gets completely swallowed by the deep green. And the formula was rather difficult to work with – it was thick, a little gloopy, and the first coat applied streaky in some places. Jellies in general can be a little more difficult to work with, but it was the cherry on top of my initial disappointment.

I think if my expectations for this polish had been different, I might have enjoyed Gunfighter overall.  I don’t think Llarowe was trying to be misleading with the listing (I have done business with her company several times and she always has amazing customer service), but I think the polish does appear different in person than it does in the current listing, and ultimately I felt a little like Hercules:

only less dramatic and without the goatee.

So, I don’t think I would recommend Gunfighter. However, I DO have a couple more Colors by Llarowe coming my way and I have high hopes for them, as they are holos instead of jelly and I’ve heard that’s where Llarowe really shines. Gunfighter didn’t do much for me, but I am still impressed with Llarowe’s dedication and creativity in general, and have heard her holos are some of the best around.

View Colors by Llarowe on her website. They sell out quickly; follow her on facebook for restock updates.



  1. This is one of the reasons I won’t touch her stuff. It’s never the same as what is shown. I don’t know if her quality control is lacking, or what, but I’ve had the same thing happen to me as well as to other friends.

    1. Interesting, I’d only heard good things about CbL up until this point. I have a couple more polishes coming from her so I’m hoping they’ll live up to their description/swatches. I’ve had great experiences ordering from her otherwise so I’m hoping for the best.

      1. That’s good that you’ve had good experiences, but I have not. Even speaking up a little about any dissatisfaction with her, her company, or her polish is a guaranteed way to have her groupies unleashed on you. It’s disheartening to see people so willing to look the other direction for her brand, but be so willing to jump all over other indies for lesser problems.

      2. I’m sorry you’ve had such negative experiences with her! I do have an idea of what you mean about her ‘groupies’ – I just saw an inkling of that on Black Friday with a coupon code incident. One person spoke up saying they thought the way she handled it was unfair and suddenly allll these people were super angry about it. But as far as I’ve seen, Llarowe usually tries to respond to any questions and issues and I respect that. But I also hear what you’re saying and will take it into account! I have a couple more CbL’s coming to me so I will try my best to review them with an unbiased eye and an open mind.

  2. It’s nice to hear a dissenting voice. I managed to talk myself out of Gunfighter bc I love greens, but not so much black-ish colors, and was worried it leaned too dark (I gave away OPI Live and Let Die because it didn’t live up to my green hopes and dreams. On the other hand, I have a couple of CbL holos that I adore and can’t get enough of (see: Dirty Diana).

    Side note: your Gunfighter swatches scream “The Hobbit” to me 🙂 I think its the color?

    1. If you weren’t a fan of Live and Let Die, you definitely would not be a fan of Gunfighter – it’s much darker. I feel like I might have been a little harsh in this review – I like the polish, I was just frustrated since it wasn’t what I was expecting. 😛

      Omg, I kind of like it way more because now I’m getting a hobbit feel from it too. Your’e right, it’s definitely the color!

  3. Did you only put one coat? I put two coats on now and it looks pretty close to the swatch. It was kinda thick but I was able to make it smooth and uniform.

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