Elevation Pahlish Duo – Romantic Night in the Desert.

You know that time right before the sun falls and the moon rises, when everything is enveloped in a warm glow and the whole world seems to inhale for a moment and let it out slowly? Take that moment and transport it to the desert. Picture yourself sitting there at a campire, sand and stone and manzanita for miles. Your honey is sitting there with you as the fire crackles and the sun sets; you catch their eye from across the fire and they smile at you quietly.

That’s the moment these polishes evoke when combined.

Bottle pictured: Coral Pink Sand Dunes

The Elevation Pahlish Duo is a limited edition collaboration between, as you might have guessed, indie makers Elevation and Pahlish. I had been hearing very good things about both these makers and had not yet been lucky enough to try either, so when I heard they had collaborated to create this Valentine’s Day collection I thought, ‘perfect!’ And my wallet weeped a little.

I’ve had a hard time finding swatches of this collection online, so I wanted to get this post up quickly for anyone else who might be interested in how these polishes look on the nail.

Mount Carmel by itself is both earthy and delicate. It’s a warm cocoa brown with flecks of pink and gold glowing through.

Two coats; one coat of A England ‘The Shield’ topcoat.

it’s one of those rare polishes I love more on my clunky fingers than in the bottle itself. When the light hits it, it truly comes to life; it’s warmth makes you think of a desert mountain at sunset.

But when you add Coral Pink Sand Dunes on top? Oh my. Love at first sight. Before this, I had never tried two polishes that were made to work in tandem, and I was stunned when I put this on top of Mount Carmel. The entire mani came to life in a completely new way, as if it had suddenly taken a deep breath and woken up after a deep sleep.

As I said earlier, this is a limited edition polish. It sold out within minutes on Elevation’s site, and within the day at Pahlish’s etsy store. However, Pahlish sent about thirty of these over to Llarowe’s way, and Llarowe’s estimated shipment date is currently February 7th. So, if you want this gorgeous duo, that will be your only chance to get it.

Both polishes are simply stunning, on their own but especially together. Now excuse me, I’m going to go admire my nails. 😉