Shimmer Polish

The last of the Shimmers – Carmen & Giveaway

Well guys, we’ve reached the last of the Shimmer Polishes I won from the giveaway. It’s been a wild and crazy ride, and my nails have looked fantastic all the while.

So, on that note, I’d like to introduce you to Carmen:

Two coats ‘Carmen’ over OPI ‘Tickle My Francey’

Carmen is a sandy sort of gold, with flecks of red and a bit of black mixed in, giving it an elegant depth. Not to get all sci-fi here, but if there were some faraway tropical planet in some distant galaxy, where the ocean was always warm and there were two moons, I could see this bronzed polish lining the shore like sand. It’s got a warm, midnight-beachy quality to it.

Two coats ‘Carmen’ over Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’

I almost feel bad swatching the next Shimmer Polish, because it’s not one available in her shop. But like I said, I almost feel bad. You know I still want to share it with you all. This one is simply called ‘Giveaway’:

Three coats ‘Giveaway’ over OPI ‘Tickle My Francey’

Sometimes, while reading other nail polish blogs, I would come across a swatch photo where there were little ‘starbusts’ in the picture and think to myself, ‘did they photoshop in sun flares?’ Well, after taking the picture above I realized, no, that actually just happens sometimes when a polish is so awesomely shimmery. You can see little starbursts on the bottle in the picture above. It’s like a lacquer laser show.

Two coats ‘Giveaway’ over Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’

The Giveaway polish is jam packed with maroon and silver micro glitters, and goes on in sheer layers. Unlike the other Shimmer Polishes, this one would not be able to build to opacity on its own, but it makes an awesome topper.

And there you have it! I can’t believe my Shimmer swatching extravaganza is over. I know I will be wearing these again and again, though, as well as picking up some more Shimmer Polishes on my own now that I’ve had personal experience with them and become a fan.

Your questions or comments are always welcome! Let me know if you have any questions about Shimmer Polish now that I’ve swatched and experienced several.

You can find Shimmer Polish’s store here, blog here, and facebook here. I’ve experienced great customer service from Shimmer Polish, and she is also very active in the nail polish community, which is always nice to see from an indie maker. 🙂


Lorene – Shimmer Polish

I’m nearing the end of the lovely polishes I won from the Shimmer Polish giveaway, but I’ve really been enjoying how they all translate from the bottle to nail. I hope you have been too!

Today I have ‘Lorene’ to show you – a multicolored glitter combination with a grip of rich red-magenta, a smattering of gold, purple, and blue, and an underglow of teal (underglow is a word now). Oh yeah, and it’s all in a very sheer, strawberry-fuschia base. A lot of prettiness happening here, combined to make one powerfully hypnotic polish.

I actually had trouble photographing this the first time around, and ended up wearing it a second time this week to get better shots. It’s so hard to capture the alluring shimmer this polish exudes.

And have I mentioned yet how aptly named ‘Shimmer Polish’ is? Because these polishes don’t glitter, they don’t sparkle, they shimmer. It’s truly the best description for how these polishes behave, how they catch the light.

Two coats ‘Lorene’ over OPI Skyfall

I’ve been enjoying seeing how different base colors can transform these polishes, so I thought I would share with you how a black base can bring Lorene to a completely different level. I tried a few different base colors and black was definitely my favorite – it brought all the vibrant colors of Lorene to light.

Two coats ‘Lorene’ over Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’

Yowza, right?

Shimmer Polish can be purchased at her etsy shop; she also produces custom polishes upon request. You can find her facebook here, and her blog can be found at

Shimmer Polish – Caroline

Anyone who has read the post I wrote just before this will know I’m a fan of Shimmer Polish. The quality of these polishes have blown me away. Today I’m featuring Caroline, and it’s gorgeous.

Purple is one of my least favorite colors, but Caroline has changed that. One of the reasons I tried this polish first was merely to get the purple color out of the way – and then I put it on, and was stunned. I found myself questioning my whole purple-hate philosophy.

This polish practically glows, the purple is so vibrant. It’s a deep, husky purple, and the shimmer of blue brings everything together beautifully. I ended up wearing this polish for two complete days – a bit of a rarity for an impatient lacquerista like myself.

Two coats ‘Caroline’ over Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black.’

If I’m going to be perfectly honest with you all, one of the reasons I held back from buying Shimmer Polish until now was the price. It was always just a smidge above what I could justify for what I saw online as just a glitter polish. Now that I’ve tried these polishes in person, I can tell you I was completely wrong – I’ve realized as I started writing about these that there is truly an art to finding complimentary glitter combinations, and the maker of Shimmer Polish has a talent for it. All the glitters she choose mesh together beautifully, breathing life into the polish.


Shimmer Polish can be purchased at her etsy shop. She also produces custom polishes upon request.

Shimmer Polish – A brief(ish) note.

As those of you who follow my facebook might know, I recently won a giveaway hosted by Shimmer Polish and received five of her gorgeous polishes in the mail. Five! I had been wanting to try Shimmer Polish for a while, so I was thrilled. And then when I received them, I was even more so – these polishes are truly stunning.

I want to note that even if I got a polish for free, I would still be honest about whether I had any issues with it. I would try not to let the generosity or thoughtfulness of an indie maker get in the way of an honest review of the polish itself. And so I hope you believe me when I say that I’ve nothing but good to write about Shimmer Polish – truly.

I’ve tried three of the polishes I’ve received thus far, and these are the consistent positive remarks I can make about each one I’ve worked with:

  • they are packed with glitter, but glide on smoothly – I haven’t had to do any dabbing or placement of glitter
  • even though they’re full of glitter, they still somehow manage to dry with a smooth surface and without roughness
  • the combination of colors are unique and breathe a glowing life into each one.

I wanted to write a brief post outlining all this before I begin swatching them, because the quality has been consistently fantastic for each polish I’ve tried thus far, and I don’t want to repeat myself in later posts as I start to swatch them. I know I’m a new blogger, but I hope you can trust my positive reviews of Shimmer and know that just because I won them in a giveaway it is not affecting my opinion – and hopefully the pictures will prove it! 🙂