Oh Christmas Tree – Colors by Llarowe

Let’s talk about rainbows for a minute.

Those lovely, fleeting, colorful ROYGBIV’s that unfurl after a rain – they show up for only a moment, and then they’re gone. But where do rainbows go once they’ve vanished from the sky?

I think I know.

Rainbowsplosion, aka ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ under my kitchen lights.

Here’s my theory, and I’m pretty sure it’s 100% possibly true: there’s this leprechaun, and he hates rainbows because they’re basically like enormous, shiny arrows proclaiming ‘BUCKET OF GOLD HERE ~>’ and I think him and Llarowe are in business together. So he stuffs all the rainbows into bottles and sells them to Llarowe, and clearly that’s the only thing that makes any sense here, there is NO other logical explanation, because look at this:

One generous coat with HK Girl on top; with flash.

Seriously, look at it.

Direct indoor lighting.

There has gotta be some crazy hijinx going on to make that much rainbow glide off a lil polish brush.

‘Oh Christmas Tree’ is a darkened green teal, and the holo is insane. It’s even stronger in person. And on top of that, the formula is rich enough to be a one-coater. Nice.

Some of you may remember that I was a little cranky with my first Colors by Llarowe experience because I felt like the polish was different in person than pictured on the site. I can tell you that I have tried two more CbL’s since then (Oh Christmas Tree and Oxen), and both of these have been accurately portrayed and excellent quality. Combine that with her excellent customer service, and I’m definitely still a fan.

In sunlight.

This was a holiday polish that is no longer available in Llarowe’s shop, but it is one of the polishes available in my giveaway. And as of right now there are only 67 entries, so you have not-so-bad odds if you enter!

So, here are some links for those interested. Later, lacqueristas!

– Colors by Llarowe shop

Colors by Llarowe giveaway

Llarowe’s Facebook page (for updates, restocks, and the occasional flash giveaways)

– Andddd a random picture of a very happy puppy if you need a pick-me-up.


Indian Summer by CrowsToes.

I can’t even. I’ve got CrowsToes ‘Indian Summer’ on right now and…holy moly cannoli, people. I can’t even use the words good anymore. You think I’m messing around here? You think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding. Indian Summer is glow-freaking-amazeballs.

Direct Sunlight. You can see a bit of the microtwinkle you get in the sun here.

Oh snapppppp.

I love this polish.

Sometimes painting my nails makes me feel a little better when I’ve had a long day. So even though I got home late last night and was exhausted, I wanted to do some lacquer-therapy before I went to bed. I threw on Indian Summer while half-asleep, by the dim glow of the television; squinted at my nails and thought, ‘hm, looks pretty neat.’ Then I stumbled into bed and promptly conked out.

Fast forward to this morning. I yawn and kick the blankets off, then see my nails in daylight.

“IT’S SO GLORIOUS!” I cry, holding my hands up in front of me.

It took me like two minutes longer than it usually does to make my first cup of coffee of the day because I was so distracted by my nails. A polish that distracts me from caffeine? So rare. So wow. So Indian Summer.

Two coats Indian Summer with one coat Seche Vite in low-light/shade.

Now, I don’t even like the color purple. My favorite color is green. My least favorite color? Purple. But this polish had been making its rounds in my newsfeed, and it keeps selling out super quickly. So I finally broke down and bought it the last time it was restocked at Llarowe.

Purple-haters, listen up. This is one of those rare purples that will make you frown, cross your arms and grumble, “fine, I don’t hate ALL purple.” It just glows with life. It’s rich and vibrant. And it’s not just purple – it shifts to blue and magenta and orange-red. It’s a crisp, cold autumn night with a scarf wrapped around your neck and a chill reddening your cheeks, and the evening sky a range of colors as the sun sets.

Indirect lighting/indoors.

Yeah, I’m a fan. Could you tell yet?

You can find CrowsToes at several online retailers, including Llarowe. Llarowe is the only one of the retailers that I’ve had experience with and can personally recommend, so it’s the only one I’ll link to here. But for a list of other places to get CrowsToes, you can check her facebook.

Man oh man. I’m going to go back to staring at my nails, now. Maybe I’ll make another cup of coffee, too. Woo boy. It’s going to be a crazy Saturday.

St. George by A England

Alohaaaaa polish people! It’s a breezy summer day in SoCal and I have had a lot of coffee and feel the kind of hyperfeel that makes me want to skip down the beach belting songs from The Sound of Music. But because that is generally considered uncool behavior, instead I’ll channel that energy into this blog post. Hurrah! EVERYBODY DANCE NOW.

Okay, sorry. I am totally going to be cool now. Reining it in!

So today I have St. George by indie maker A England. Oh St. George. You are gorgeous.

St. George in direct sunlight.

After the first swipe of this polish on my nail I paused, leaned back and blurted out, “Oh, snap.” It’s a freaking one-coater, people. THIS IS ONE COAT ON MY NAILS.

St. George indoors (low-light), continuing its reign of awesomeness.

There’s a rich depth to this polish – the way the scattered holos interact with the deep, dark teal is mesmerizing. I couldn’t truly capture the intriguing complexity of this polish with my camera – just trust me that you’ll know what I mean once you try this polish in person. It’s stunning.

For UK residents, A England can be found at their personal website. For the rest of us, you can find A England at Llarowe, or check A England’s Where to Buy. I have tried several A England polishes now and I can tell you they are some of the highest quality polishes I have come across. I have yet to be disappointed!

Now excuse me. I can feel my coffee fading and I must replenish. Then I think I’m going to do some double-time tae bo in my living room or climb a tree or something. Whoosh! Zoom! Polish Fox out.

‘Let Them Eat…What?’ by Hare Polish

Hi all! I’ve been gone for a couple of very full weeks, but I am back now with a new polish to show you – ‘Let Them Eat…What?’ by Hare Polish.

‘Let Them Eat…What?’ is from Hare Polish’s most recent collection, The Last Queen Of France. There’s a lot of pretty polishes in this collection, but for some reason when I saw ‘Let Them Eat…What?’ it struck me on some weird emotional level. I think I must have had a stuffed animal resembling the colors of this polish when I was really little or something – the soft base combined with the pink and bright pop of orange stirs up this random nostalgia in me. And, uh, aside from that it’s just a cute polish.

I was shocked by how easily this polish applied considering what a glitter bomb it is. None of the glitter dragged – I usually have to dab a bit or push glitter with the brush to get it to settle perfectly, but this went on easy from the go. Awesome work on Hare Polish’s part!

Hare Polish has been one of my favorite brands since I first started getting into indies, and remains a favorite of mine today. It’s very cool to see how her products have continued to improve and grow with each collection; based off of my experience with ‘Let Them Eat…What?,’ I have a feeling The Last Queen Of France may be her best collection to date.

Her polishes can be found at her etsy shop, but they often sell out fast. I would recommend check out Llarowe – in addition to her new collection, Llarowe also carries polishes from her previous collections as well. They often sell out there as well, but you can sign up for email notifications so if there’s one you want you’ll know when it comes back in!

Lost in the woods. Emily De Molly – Black Forest

Last night I had a hauntingly vivid dream that took place in a looming, ancient forest. The trees were enormous, the trunks thick; moss and ferns grew everywhere. The air was damp and it was incredibly silent. After I woke up, the atmosphere of the dream followed me for the rest of the day.

I mention this because the nail polish I’m currently wearing suits perfectly the chilled woods of that dream – dark, deep, and mysterious. It’s Emily De Molly’s Black Forest, and it’s deeper and moodier than anything else I’ve come across.

I’ve tried to capture its depth with my cell camera, but the layers are lost in 2D. It’s a seemingly simple combination: black jelly base with multi-sized green glitters interspersed throughout. That’s it. Not a glitter bomb, not multi-colored, not metallic…just jelly and green glitter. And yet, somehow, this polish exudes a rich moodiness, an allure.

If I could jump into any nail polish and stroll around in it, taking in the sights and sounds as if it were its own galaxy, Emily De Molly’s ‘Black Forest’ would probably be the one. I imagine it would be just like an ancient, mossy forest at night, with a full moon hanging above the pines.

Anyways. That’s enough waxing poetic about polish. Onto the useful details: the application for this polish was slightly tricky – the glitter was stubborn and wanted to stay at the base or tip of my nail, so it took a bit of coaxing. I found that after the first coat was applied, it grew easier. And since this is a jelly, it took a few layers to make it (mostly) opaque. I like the fact that it is slightly transparent – it adds to the depth. You could always use a black base if you wanted to, though.

Emily De Molly’s polish can currently be found at her etsy shop, although she only ships within Australia. You can also find her on Llarowe – however, her stuff often sells out quickly.

Now that I’ve written this post I really want to go on a hike. If only there were some earthy woods near Los Angeles. Sigh.