Pixie Static. Ninja Polish ‘Pinkerbell.’

One layer of Ninja Polish ‘Pinkerbell’ over OPI’s ‘Don’t Talk Bach To Me.’

I’d like to imagine that if fairies had tv’s that they watched inside their little mushroom cap homes, this is what it would look like when they lost their cable connection – colorful rainbow static blitzing on their screens. They would stomp around their living rooms all angry and looking relatively adorable, and then have to call the technical help line for the fairy cable company and wait on hold.

Er, sorry. Got carried away there for a minute.

This is an insanely colorful glitter polish, packed with blue, yellow, and pink micro matte glitter. Somehow, even with how unique and colorful it is, it stills manages to remain somewhat subdued – it’s not in-your-face with its uniqueness, but rather a little bit quiet and shy about it, and I like that. I could wear this mani to go grocery shopping and not feel like my nails were screaming ‘LOOK AT ME!’ while still being really unique and interesting.

Two coats over ring finger.

Application for this polish was fine – a little bit of dabbling required, but not much. It does dry with a rough texture, so use a topcoat if you want to smooth it out. I’ve used NYC’s ‘Matte Me Crazy’ (a mattifying topcoat) in these photos. The glitter is so fine and thickly packed that you could easily build it to opacity in about three coats – in the photo above and below I’ve put two coats on my ring finger to show you how quickly it could become opaque.

Two coats over ring finger.

‘Pinkerbell’ is an indie polish that can be found at ninja polish’s website. It’s currently sold out, but you can sign up to get an email when it’s back in stock if you’re interested. In addition to making their own indie polishes, Ninja Polish also stocks other indie makers as well, from A England to Picture Polish. They ship ┬ávery quickly and I’ve been nothing but pleased with their service so far.