Lip Tints by Black Widow Balm

Such a fan of these tinted, scented balms by Black Widow Balm.

From left to right: Kiss of Death, Ursula, Iron Maiden, Voodoo

I stumbled across Black Widow Balm while looking at chapstick on etsy one day (I am so productive with my free time).

I’m a sucker for packaging, so I was intrigued as soon as I saw these kitschy little balms with their bold labeling and unique shades and scents. I mean, how can you pass up a purple tinted lip balm that smells like oatmeal raisin cookies? Or a grey one that smells like campfire? I couldn’t.

Black Widow Balm arrives adorably packaged in handstamped paper, and each balm is individually sealed. I even got a bonus birthday balm thrown in my order! Happy day.

And the quality of the balms themselves? So. Fantastic. Each one gives a subtle, sheer tint to your lips. Here’s how each one looks when applied:

Ursula – a purple tint that would probably appear cool on some people, but looks more bright and cheery on my skin tone. Hint of cinnamon and sweet in the scent and subtle flavor.

Iron Maiden – my surprise favorite of the bunch, and also the most opaque. The grey tint gives off a smoky look, and makes me feel all dark and mysterious. Subtle flavor of cedar, smells like spicy woods and clove.

Kiss of Death (K.O.D.) – punchy red-orange with cinnamon and clove.

Voodoo – reminds me a bit of Clinique’s Black Cherry, only more sheer. Looks very natural, with a light pine flavor and a smell like woods in fall.

Each balm was equally moisturizing, with a light feel. I hate when balms feel too waxy or heavy; these balms went on velvety smooth, with the perfect amount of tint and just a little bit of shine. The color didn’t last long, but these balms don’t make a bold statement – they’re great if you’re looking for something a little more natural (think: Voodoo), or a little unique without being in-your-face (Iron Maiden, for example). One  swipe across the lips and you’ve got a bit of moisture, a simple, sheer shade of color.

Black Widow Balm can be bought at her etsy shop. Communication with BWB was excellent, and my items arrived promptly. I definitely recommend checking her out if you’re a fan of lip balms or tints!

Black Widow Balm shop:

BWB Website:



    1. Do check them out! Her products are great. And aww, thank you! :3 I’m still debating whether or not to delete the pictures of my full face – I get so nervous sharing my face on the web!

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