Indian Summer by CrowsToes.

I can’t even. I’ve got CrowsToes ‘Indian Summer’ on right now and…holy moly cannoli, people. I can’t even use the words good anymore. You think I’m messing around here? You think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding. Indian Summer is glow-freaking-amazeballs.

Direct Sunlight. You can see a bit of the microtwinkle you get in the sun here.

Oh snapppppp.

I love this polish.

Sometimes painting my nails makes me feel a little better when I’ve had a long day. So even though I got home late last night and was exhausted, I wanted to do some lacquer-therapy before I went to bed. I threw on Indian Summer while half-asleep, by the dim glow of the television; squinted at my nails and thought, ‘hm, looks pretty neat.’ Then I stumbled into bed and promptly conked out.

Fast forward to this morning. I yawn and kick the blankets off, then see my nails in daylight.

“IT’S SO GLORIOUS!” I cry, holding my hands up in front of me.

It took me like two minutes longer than it usually does to make my first cup of coffee of the day because I was so distracted by my nails. A polish that distracts me from caffeine? So rare. So wow. So Indian Summer.

Two coats Indian Summer with one coat Seche Vite in low-light/shade.

Now, I don’t even like the color purple. My favorite color is green. My least favorite color? Purple. But this polish had been making its rounds in my newsfeed, and it keeps selling out super quickly. So I finally broke down and bought it the last time it was restocked at Llarowe.

Purple-haters, listen up. This is one of those rare purples that will make you frown, cross your arms and grumble, “fine, I don’t hate ALL purple.” It just glows with life. It’s rich and vibrant. And it’s not just purple – it shifts to blue and magenta and orange-red. It’s a crisp, cold autumn night with a scarf wrapped around your neck and a chill reddening your cheeks, and the evening sky a range of colors as the sun sets.

Indirect lighting/indoors.

Yeah, I’m a fan. Could you tell yet?

You can find CrowsToes at several online retailers, including Llarowe. Llarowe is the only one of the retailers that I’ve had experience with and can personally recommend, so it’s the only one I’ll link to here. But for a list of other places to get CrowsToes, you can check her facebook.

Man oh man. I’m going to go back to staring at my nails, now. Maybe I’ll make another cup of coffee, too. Woo boy. It’s going to be a crazy Saturday.