KBShimmer ‘Quantum Leaf’ – the only autumn polish you need.

So I realize it’s winter right now where a lot of you are at. But it’s stupidly sunny here in southern California today and I’m cranky about the fact that we hardly ever get real weather. I’m craving some fall here today, some crisp air and brightly colored leaves.

Fortunately, I have Quantum Leaf.

Made by KBShimmer, Quantum Leaf is one of my favorite polishes…ever. It was one of the first nail polishes I saw and instantly fell in love with. It translates from bottle to nail perfectly. And it’s totally. completely. autumn in a bottle.

Two coats Quantum Leaf; Nail Pattern Boldness ‘Glitter Food’ topcoat

I have yet to experience a KBShimmer where the quality isn’t fantastic; Quantum Leaf is no different. Even though it’s packed full of red, orange, and yellow glitters of multiple sizes, it glides on easily and dries quickly.

It just looks like a raked up pile of October leaves that you could jump into. 🙂

Mattified! Two coats ‘Quantum Leaf’ with NYC ‘Matte Me Crazy’ topcoat

You can find KBShimmer’s polishes at her personal site, or her etsy store.


KBShimmer Candy Cane Crush – the holiday multitasker.

I know it’s early, but I want to get some indie Valentine’s polishes on my blog promptly so if you wanted to order one it could still make it in time for February 14. I’m starting with one of my favorites – KBShimmer’s Candy Cane Crush.

Yes, it’s got a Christmasy name, but Candy Cane Crush is a holiday multitasker. Layer it over green for Christmas, over blue for the 4th of July (for my American readers), or, as in this case, over pink for Valentine’s Day.

One coat Candy Cane Crush over Pure Ice Love

It’s the easiest Valentine’s mani in the world – slap on a coat of something pink, then layer this on top. Boom. You’re done! And while Candy Cane Crush is a red & white glitter bomb, it’s still super easy to work with. I don’t have to fish for anything, and it goes on easily.

KBShimmer’s polishes can be found on her website for U.S. residents, or at Harlow & Co. for international customers. I can’t recommend her polish enough – Candy Cane Crush was one of the first indie polishes I ever bought, and I’ve only grown to love KBShimmer products more since then.