It’s a sparklefest up in here!! And by up in here I mean on my nails. And by sparklefest I mean holy cow, my nails are bling bling a ring a dingin’. So let me share with you the polishes I’m wearing and my opinion on said polishes.

I’m currently wearing China Glaze Angel Wings with Orly Atomic Splash. Check it:

China Glaze Angel Wings looks pretty weird in the bottle. It’s one of those polishes I would always pick up in the store and then put down, thinking ‘Nah, too weird.’ It’s got this jaundiced yellowish hue that makes it seem like it would be unflattering on anyone. So naturally, I bought it.

On the nails, it’s a completely different story. It’s really quite gorgeous – an antiqued sort of shimmer, like a soft layer of gold dust. It’s very sheer, and took three coats to make it completely opaque.

Well, micro shimmer polish is not quite enough sparkle for me, so I had to slap some chunky on top, which is where Orly Atomic Splash comes into the picture. It’s coming out more blue here in these pictures than it is in real life – in real life, it shimmers somewhere between lavender and grey. It’s nice.

If peacocks painted their nails, I imagine this is the sort of thing they would sport. Sparklefest, baby. Shim sham shimmer.