Gloss N Sparkle

Gloss N Sparkle – Dazzling Dusk

I couldn’t find many swatches of this polish online, so I decided I’d share some of my own. So here we have Dazzling Dusk by Australian indie maker Gloss N Sparkle. There are some AWESOME indie polishes coming out of Australia right now, if I may say.

Dazzling Dusk is a dusty, shimmery pink with orange and red glitters interspersed throughout.

Two coats ‘Dazzling Dusk’ with KBShimmer ‘Clearly On Top’ topcoat

It really does remind me of a sunset at dusk – that time right after the sun sets and the sky is starting to become greyer, but there’s still red and pink splashed across the clouds.

For Australian residents, Gloss N Sparkle products can be purchased from their etsy shop. For everyone else, you can find their products at Llarowe.