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‘Galax-E’ by Pretty & Polished

Hi everyone! It’s 12:10am here where I’m at right now, and I’m feeling pretty sleepy so I’m going to keep this post sweet and simple (hallelujah, right?).

I’m currently wearing Pretty & Polished’s ‘Galax-E,’ and if you want to know what this polish looks like in person, just open your curtains and look up at the night sky. Cheesy? Yes. True? Yes.

Two coats Galax-E with A England ‘The Shield’ topcoat

I only needed two coats of Galax-E to make it opaque, but it is very topcoat hungry. I would definitely recommend using a smoothing topcoat like Glitter Food to help smooth it out.

And now, a shot that shows you that I’m clearly still working on defining my own unique swatch style. Also, sleepy. Don’t forget. That’s totally a legit excuse, guys.

If you’ve been looking for a spacey polish, you’ve found it in this one. I received several compliments on it throughout the day – I didn’t think anyone would notice how sparkly and starry it was beside me, and was surprised at the number of people who commented on it. It’s totally tubular, dude.

You can find Pretty & Polished products at their website or their etsy shop.


Pretty & Polished Spring Collection!

This post is different than my usual posts in that I don’t have indie swatches to show you today, but I’m excited about Pretty & Polished’s new line coming out and wanted to share! Many of you probably know by now that I am a big fan of Pretty & Polished, and this collection looks like it’s going to be no exception. šŸ˜€ Check out the pretties!


Pretty & Polished ‘Louis Louis.’

Pretty & Polished’s ‘Louis Louis’ is from their latest collection, ‘Save The Dauphine’ and is based off King Louis XVI. Now, I don’t know a lot about French history, but I do know a regal looking polish when I see it. And I’m seeing it right now. On my fingertips.

Within two coats, this polish is opaque. It’s a gorgeous antiqued gold, with hints of red and blue glinting through like rubies and sapphires. I adored it the minute I put it on – it’s gorgeous in low light, sunlight – just stunning overall. Pure regalia.

The deep, rich gold makes it complimentary on many skin types, and the choice of glitter makes it truly unique and striking. Additionally, I’ve worn it for two days now with absolutely no chipping or tip wear, even when I was struggling to get a key off my key ring (I hate those little metal things!).

I googled Louis XVI just to try and see how he inspired this polish. Maybe it’s just me getting a little lacquer nerdy right now, but I think it’s so cool to see what elements of his character were brought to life in this polish! I see it in the hues, the boldness of the color – how do you all think Pretty & Polished was inspired?

You can find Pretty & Polished products at their personal website or their etsy store.

‘King of C-C-Cool’ by Pretty & Polished

Today I’m showing off Pretty & Polished’s ‘The Young Hero,’ and I have one word for you: SHAZOW!

This polish is awesome.

This is another polish from the Mathematical! line, inspired by the show Adventure Time. ‘King of C-C-Cool’ is based off the villain(ish) of the show, the Ice King.

The Ice King. He’s not a very villainous villain, to be honest.

Pretty & Polished absolutely nailed it with this polish. Not only does it perfectly represent the character of the Ice King, but it’s application and quality is simply fantastic. It’s a gorgeous winter blue, and it was completely opaque in only two coats (nearly opaque in one).

2 coats ‘King Of C-C-Cool’ with one coat Seche Vite topcoat.

I got so many compliments while wearing this polish. It has such a unique and fun mix of colors: the iceberg blue, with hints of deep blue glitter and speckles of yellow and red. Je t’aime!

I personally find this polish even more gorgeous matte. Check it out:

Right?! So. Awesome.

You can find Pretty & Polished at their website or their etsy store. I’ve ordered from them a couple times now and have never been anything but satisfied with their service.

And now, I just have to spam you with one more picture of ‘King Of C-C-Cool’ mattified. It really is just too cool!

Skunk fights and vampire bites – Pretty & Polished ‘Vampire Sing-a-long’

Pretty & Polished recently came out with an Adventure Time themed collection called ‘Mathematical!’ and today I have ‘Vampire Sing-a-long’ to show you, based off the character Marceline.

Marceline, the vampire queen.

Marceline is rebellious, punk-rockish, and straightforward – and this polish demonstrates all of those qualities. See for yourself:

I don’t think I ever imagined myself describing a glitter as ‘badass,’ but that’s pretty much what’s happening here. Black bars, matte red and white, deep purple and black circles? It’s like two angry skunks got into a fistfight, fur flew, and they both ended up with bruised and bloody noses. Except that’s all happening on your nails, in glitter form.

This polish looks more purple in the bottle, but comes out much more scattered, like multicolored static television. I used China Glaze ‘Spellbound’ underneath it here.

This polish kind of bummed me out in person. I kept seeing awesome swatches of it online, and the large black dot glittersĀ made it really unique. However, when I tried to apply the polish, it was nearly impossible for me to get the dots out of the bottle. As you can see from the pictures, I managed to get one on my ring finger (and one on my thumb, which isn’t shown). I couldn’t even fish them out of the bottle when I tried – it may be due to the fact that I had a mini; maybe they are easier to get out of a full-sized bottle. The one circular glitter I did manage to get on ring finger wouldn’t lie flat though, either. It kind of bummed me out.

The polish in general wasn’t exciting me as much as I thought it would, so I decided to try and matte it to see if that would make a difference. I definitely liked it better matte – it added more to the punk feel of the polish.

While I was bummed about the circular glitter issues, the polish overall is unique and more ‘tough’ than your average glitter polish – perfect for your roller derby events and black metal concerts!

Pretty & Polished Ā can be found at her personal website or at her etsy shop. She sells full and mini sized bottles of her polish, as well as gift sets on her personal site.