Naild’it Unique Nail Polish

Naild’it Unique Nail Polish – ‘Light Show’

Close your eyes. Actually, don’t close your eyes or you won’t be able to read this. Pretend you’re closing your eyes, and imagine every glitter in existence. Bar glitter, hex glitter, diamond glitter, circle glitter, square glitter. Seeing them all, floating around in your head like a beautiful glitter universe? Now. Take all those glitters, pour them into a little bottle of polish until it’s just packed, jam-packed, and add a shimmery, faint grey-lilac base color.

Boom. You just imagined Naild’it ‘Light Show.’ Now check it out in person:

Why yes, you ARE correct. This is the most glitteriest glitter polish that ever did glitter.

Light Show is unique in that it’s packed full of an insane amount of glitter (have I mentioned the word glitter yet?), but the majority of the glitters are matte. So, you end up with brightly colored, solid flashes of color on your nails, that simply pop out due to the subdued, shimmery base color. It’s hard to photograph the effect, but I tried. I tried for you all, readers.

Two coats, topped with Nail Pattern Boldness ‘Glitter Food’ along with Seche Vite.

Also, my hands didn’t want to stop looking like angry bear paws while I was photographing, so I apologize if my swatches seem a little sub-par today.

Due to the glitterama-bama going on in this polish, application was a little thick. It definitely wasn’t unmanageable, but I wouldn’t recommend doing more than two coats for this polish or it will start to make your nails marshmallowy. If you’re somebody who can’t stand a visible nail line, I’d recommend a base color; I had a very faint VNL after two coats.

Interested? You can find Nail’dit Unique Nail Polish at her etsy shop or Llarowe.

Until next time, readers. Until next time. *FWOOSH* (that’s the sound of me dramatically whipping a cape around myself and leaping off into the distance.)