Emerald & Ash

‘Deep Field’ by Emerald & Ash

I love space. It’s giant, it’s sparkly (I know, I’m getting pretty scientific here), it’s full of things we’re still learning about and it stretches the imagination. Sometimes on a really clear night I’ll stare up at the stars and feel that same sense of wonderment I felt as a kid, just totally wonderstruck by the vastness of night sky.

So when I first saw ‘Deep Field’ by Emerald & Ash, I knew I wanted it. Inspired by the photograph ‘Hubble Deep Field’ taken from observations by the Hubble Space Telescope, this polish is truly the best translation of space to lacquer I have ever seen. Check out the comparison – on the left is the original photograph ‘Hubble Deep Field,’ and on the right is Emerald & Ash’s ‘Deep Field’ polish:

That is just all kinds of awesome.

In fact, this polish is so awesome it’s almost…out of this world! Heh heh. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Space puns are the best puns.

Adorable bottle, too!

Emerald & Ash just opened up shop a few weeks ago, but I have been a fan of hers for a while now. Her shop has been a long time in the planning, and her polishes have undergone a lot of use and testing before being listed. The quality of ‘Deep Field’ can attest to that – it’s a stunning choice of glitters, the base flows smoothly, and the quality of the polish overall is fantastic.

In addition to all that, Ashley (maker of Emerald & Ash) is extremely active in the nail polish community and just a nice person overall. Back when I was just getting into nail polish and learning what ‘indies’ even were, she took the time to tell me about different indie brands and different tips and things to look out for. So I’ve been thrilled to see how fantastic her polish is – she has put a lot of work, time and creativity into each one and it truly shows.

Emerald & Ash polishes can be found at her website, and ship promptly. Also, for any polish sold from her Armed Forces collection, $1 will be donated to the USO. So if you need a reason to buy new polish, there you go! 🙂