Rainbow Honey

Lunairetic by Rainbow Honey

How is it already November 25? Thanksgiving is coming up, Christmas stuff is already EVERYWHERE, and Black Friday deals are on every corner. I love the holidays, but for some reason it seems to be overwhelming me a bit this year. So I decided to fight back by putting on the glammest polish I know of – Rainbow Honey’s Lunairetic.

Lunairetic – direct sunlight

Now if I start to get overcome by an onslaught of holiday ads, I can hold up my hands and ward them off with a shining sparkleball of light. Kind of like a glitter form of Hadouken.

Get BACK, ye marketers and commercials!

Lunairetic is from Rainbow Honey’s ‘Chrono Cross’ collection, and it’s an oldie but a good, good, goodie. It can serve as a topper, but it also goes opaque in just two coats. I’m wearing two coats in these photos, so you can see how opaque it gets. It goes on thick, but that is only because it is PACKED with glitter. And it’s an enormously manageable sort of thick – molasses-ey, but spreads easily and quickly.

It does dry rough, so if you want to smooth it out you’ll have to use topcoat. It’s glitter hungry, so the next time I use this polish I will probably put Glitter Food on top and then one coat of Seche Vite. You could  just do 2-3 coats of a regular topcoat though, too. *Edit – One of my readers also suggested Gelous as a glitter feeder, which can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Thank you, Cindy! :)*

I also used Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel as a basecoat for this mani so I wouldn’t have to struggle with glitter removal. If you’re the kind of person who likes to paint their nails every few days or who dreads removing glitter polish, Glitter A-Peel is awesome – it peels right off, easy peezy.

Lunairetic in the shade

It had been a while since I broke out any of my Rainbow Honeys, and I forgot how excellent the quality of the polishes are. I had this one sitting under my sink for close to a year now, and when I pulled it out it was as if I’d just bought it. Usually my older indies experience some glitter sinkage or separation, but this baby was in tip-top shape.

It’s a gorgeous blend of colors and glitters. For some reason, it reminds of an old era Venetian Masquerade – I think it’s the harlequin diamond glitters that give it that sort of feel. There is NO fishing, and it spreads evenly.

So if you’re into glitterbombs, I highly recommend Lunairetic. I feel like it’s such an unappreciated beauty – Rainbow Honey polishes gets lots of (deserved) love and praise, but I hardly ever hear about this one.

You can find it in mini and full size at Rainbow Honey’s website. And that’s that! If I don’t post again before Thanksgiving, I hope it’s a wonderful one for all of you who celebrate. 🙂


Hisssss. Rainbow Honey Snake Eyes.

That is my snake sound effect, so don’t be scared. It’s not a real snake.

Today I’m wearing Rainbow Honey’s sea foam green, sparkletine ‘Snake Eyes.’ Check it out:

Sssssso green.

As I write this, I keep thinking of that scene in the old animated ‘The Jungle Book,’ when the snake is singing to Mowgli, ‘Trussssst in me.’  Bear with me, as I am trying to resist hissing every ‘s’ in this post.

Snake Eyes literally is this snake’s eyes, right?

This polish is shimmery, sheer, and snakey. I didn’t realize how sheer it was until I started applying it – if you decide to buy this polish, be sure to use a base color (I’d recommend a sea foam or mint green) so you don’t have to be wasteful and do four coats like I did.

That being sssssaid, it’sssss lovely, right? Okay, I’m done with that now, I promise.

I continue to be impressed with the quality of Rainbow Honey polishes. While this polish was more sheer than I expected, it still went on easily and had such a gorgeous, velvety green glow.

Snake Eyes is part of Rainbow Honey’s Chrono Cross Collection; minis run for an affordable $5 and full sized for $10. Now get out of here before I ssssstart hissssing again.

WIZARD NAILS. Rainbow Honey ‘Mare of the Moon’

Remember the old movie Fantasia, when Mickey puts the wizard hat on his head and then he gets into all these crazy hijinks with brooms and magic?

Oh Mickey. You troublemaker you.

Well. I currently have Wizard FINGERS, guys. Like, my nails are little wizard hats. I’m not even kidding you. Check this out:

Sunbeam power! Abracadabra!

I TOLD YOU. This is thanks to Rainbow Honey’s amazing polish ‘Mare of the Moon’ – a gorgeous purple polish with shimmers of blue and pink and MOON glitter. YES, LITTLE MOONS. ON YOUR FINGERS. I’ve topped it with New York Color’s ‘Matte Me Crazy,’ a cheap mattifying top coat you can find at Walmart, Target or the likes. It gives it a velvety look and feel, and I can’t stop staring. 

Rainbow Honey is an indie maker, and you can find her polishes at her website. Full size polishes are $10 and minis are $5, and the customer service is truly fantastic. I’m one of those annoying customers who has a million questions and Carolyn (maker of Rainbow Honey) always went above and beyond to help me out. Also, the polish originally came with a crack in the bottle and when I told her about it, she immediately sent out a new one.

As for the polish itself – well, if you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan. I don’t even like purple, and I LOVE this polish. That’s saying a lot – purple really is my least favorite color (no offense to purple lovers). But I know I am going to be wearing this again, for sure. A lot! The application was fantastic and the sheer shimmer is gorgeous. The moon glitter was only a little tricky to apply – but truly not bad at all. I nudged them a little bit with the polish brush to get them where I wanted and was good to go!

All in all, if you’ve been thinking to yourself, ‘I really need to get a good wizard polish,’ then look no further. You’ve found it, my friend. You’ve found it.