Emily De Molly

Lost in the woods. Emily De Molly – Black Forest

Last night I had a hauntingly vivid dream that took place in a looming, ancient forest. The trees were enormous, the trunks thick; moss and ferns grew everywhere. The air was damp and it was incredibly silent. After I woke up, the atmosphere of the dream followed me for the rest of the day.

I mention this because the nail polish I’m currently wearing suits perfectly the chilled woods of that dream – dark, deep, and mysterious. It’s Emily De Molly’s Black Forest, and it’s deeper and moodier than anything else I’ve come across.

I’ve tried to capture its depth with my cell camera, but the layers are lost in 2D. It’s a seemingly simple combination: black jelly base with multi-sized green glitters interspersed throughout. That’s it. Not a glitter bomb, not multi-colored, not metallic…just jelly and green glitter. And yet, somehow, this polish exudes a rich moodiness, an allure.

If I could jump into any nail polish and stroll around in it, taking in the sights and sounds as if it were its own galaxy, Emily De Molly’s ‘Black Forest’ would probably be the one. I imagine it would be just like an ancient, mossy forest at night, with a full moon hanging above the pines.

Anyways. That’s enough waxing poetic about polish. Onto the useful details: the application for this polish was slightly tricky – the glitter was stubborn and wanted to stay at the base or tip of my nail, so it took a bit of coaxing. I found that after the first coat was applied, it grew easier. And since this is a jelly, it took a few layers to make it (mostly) opaque. I like the fact that it is slightly transparent – it adds to the depth. You could always use a black base if you wanted to, though.

Emily De Molly’s polish can currently be found at her etsy shop, although she only ships within Australia. You can also find her on Llarowe – however, her stuff often sells out quickly.

Now that I’ve written this post I really want to go on a hike. If only there were some earthy woods near Los Angeles. Sigh.


Yes, I am slightly obsessed.

Currently watching the clock, waiting for 7:00pm to strike for Llarowe’s relaunch of Emily De Molly. I’ve been eyeing Black Forest for a while now, and if I can get it I’ll be sure to swatch it here! I love the woods. That nail polish would make me feel like I was wearing a magical forest on my finger nails. Yep.


EDIT – Got it! Yesssss.