Elevation Polish

Elevation Polish ‘Haba Xueshan’ and Cirque ‘Never Nude’

Hiiiii everybody. So. I haven’t posted in a little while and confession time: I have totally not been taking care of my nails and have chewed them down to nubbins and they look ridiculously awful. Oh well, I’m sharing pictures of them anyway! Because this polish combo is just too awesome not to share with you all. I’m talking about Cirque’s ‘Never Nude’ topped with Elevation Polish’s ‘Haba Xueshan.’

Now imagine this on super elegant, pretty nails when you look at this picture:

Ermahgerd. I love it so much. I actually wore this on my nails for like four days straight, and I typically get antsy and want new polish on after a day.

I kept trying to wear Cirque ‘Never Nude’ on its own, and I just didn’t love it for some reason, but couldn’t figure out why. My husband finally pointed out what it was: “That looks like a formal polish,” he remarked. “Like you’re going to a ball or something.” And that’s totally what it was. It was too elegant for me, especially when all I wear is jeans and Minnetonkas on a daily basis.

So that’s when I decided to top it with Elevation Polish ‘Haba Xueshan,’ and it suddenly all came together. Topping the champagne-colored holo with this salt-and-pepper matte glitter gave it a kick of quirky.

My only complaint about Elevation Polish’s ‘Haba Xueshan’ is that when someone asked me what polish I was wearing I would be like, “Uh…ha. I have no idea how to pronounce what I’m wearing right now. But it looks good, right?”

Elevation Polish can be found here, and Cirque Polish here. They both ship promptly and are fantastic quality.

Have a happy weekend everyone! I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’m sure no one’s even noticed but I feel bad for the inconsistency! I’ve been busy on other writing projects and my nails haven’t gotten enough attention as of late. Anyways, happy Saturday and don’t forget to do something that makes you smile today! 🙂


‘Huangshan’ by Elevation Polish

Hi all! So today I’ve got a bright and sunny polish to share with you – Elevation Polish’s ‘Huangshan,’ aka the polish I have no idea how to pronounce but is pretty to look at.

This is one coat ‘Huangshan’ over OPI ‘My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours.’ It goes on smoothly and the yellow glitters just POP instantly.

Huangshan is a polish that stands out – definitely not one to wear if you are looking for something subtle. It’s not often you see a neon yellow glitter topper (by not often, I mean I never had before this), and it definitely catches people’s eyes.

It reminds me of bright summer afternoons, it reminded my husband of halloween, and it reminded a friend and coworker of mine of spin art (blast from the past! remember making spin art as a kid?). I love the wide range of ideas this polish evokes from different people.

This was my first experience with Elevation Polish, and I’m definitely pleased. I can’t wait to try this polish over a dark color next. Check out Elevation Polish’s bigcartel site if you want to see Huangshan and more!