Botanical Perfumes by For Strange Women

Today I’m going to talk to you about a little perfume brand known as For Strange Women.

First of all, the name of this company is perfect. These are not your run of the mill sort of scents – they are sometimes woodsy, sometimes spicy, earthy and mysterious; they are unique and beautifully strange.  And every element is meticulously thought out – from the ingredients that go into each scent to the packaging.

For Strange Women offers scents in a variety of different forms, but my favorite is the perfume locket.

Perfume Locket (and the box it comes in)

I am largely an introvert, and often get overwhelmed in social situations, or loud, crowded spaces. There’s something  comforting in wearing this locket around my neck, whether it’s on display or tucked under my sweater. When I start to get overwhelmed, sometimes I catch a hint of the comforting smokiness of Fireside Story, or the warmth of Winter Kitty, and it grounds me.

The scents of For Strange Women are like memories, wisps of forgotten things that unfurl – sitting in front of a fireplace, legs tucked beneath you and hot cocoa in your hands; the first time you breathed in snow-cold frozen air and it stung your lungs; the crackle of leaves beneath your feet as you walked through a forest, alone, and took in the quiet around you – a whiff, and flashes of these stored-away moments materialize.

Solid perfume nestled in a locket.

A break down of the scents I’ve tried:

Fireside Story: smoky, woodsy, fire burning in a cabin and a blanket wrapped around you

Black Forest: sweet, dark jasmine bloom in moonlight

Winter Kitty: opens crisp and cool, blooms into smoke and warmth, curls of vanilla at the edges

Tonka: a dry vanilla, instead of a sweet one. Hints of almond and hay. Like a bright summer afternoon in a barn.

November in the Temperate Deciduous Forest: heavy, wet leaves in the woods, spongy undergrowth, round bloom of mushroom and sharpness of black tea.

Not sure what you might like? For Strange Women has a perfume map to help you decide.

For scale (note – I made the chain pictured myself).

For Strange Women can be found on etsy, or at her own site (I recommend visiting her site so you can see the adorable kitty cinemagraph on the front page!). Her scent descriptions are extremely accurate, but she also offers samples if you want to try some out before committing.

Natural, unique, and definitely a little bit strange (in a good way): I recommed For Strange Women without a doubt.



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